Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2™ Wireless System

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Our most complete wireless dance system features unique software and premium components!

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Easy to Learn and Improve

Wireless dance platforms with directional arrows set the stage for fun as students step on to showcase their dancing skills. Projected on a screen for the entire class to see are corresponding arrows, setting the pace of the activity and the intensity of the workout. As soon as the music starts, the commands start coming—it’s up to your students to keep pace, time, and beat as they look to master their moves!

iDance for school is easy enough for anyone to learn and can be scaled in difficulty based on students’ age or proficiency. Beginners to the concept of virtual dance games can start off slow to master technique and get acclimated with the timing of the game; experts who have mastered the basics can test themselves against faster paces, more complex movements, and trickier tempos. Three skill levels provide the perfect stepping stones from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The robust capabilities of this system monitor the steps of every student dancing in PE, to help teachers and students identify where they might be having trouble. Timing sensors in the dance mats detect early or late steps, while indicators on the projection screen register missteps in real-time. These critical sources of feedback help students to quickly correct mistakes so they can increase their skill level.

Incorporate the Whole Class

With systems that accommodate 4, 8, 16, and 32 players simultaneously, any class size can quickly roll out their dance mats for an interactive exercise activity.

The game is designed to be projected onto 2 screens, ensuring even students in larger class sizes are able to see every movement command clearly on screen. Two screen visualization also allows teachers to quickly split classes into teams, putting dancers against each other in either individual or group capacities.

Because each individual wireless dance pad is programmed independently to work within the overall game, displays are also indicative of every student’s performance in real-time. Students can independently select which difficulty level is best suited for them, watch their progress and mistakes, and track their performance against everyone else, pushing them to do their best as they strive to improve after every song. Numbers on the screen correspond to numbered mats for quick identification.

Minimal Setup, Instant Fun

The entire iDance for school system is extremely compartmentalized and mobile, requiring minimal setup and takedown time. Without the need for comprehensive wiring or configuration, emphasis is quickly put on having fun! All students have to do is take a wireless pad from the cart, unfurl it on the ground in front of them, turn it on, and step on the “UP” arrow to register them as a player! When they’re done, mats can be quickly picked up and returned to a mobile cart or storage closet. Thanks to the simplicity and portability of this system, the functionality of spaces where the iDance system may be used is preserved.

150 songs from various genres are included with the system, however it’s also outfitted with the technology to quickly download new song packs as they become available. This ensures there are always fresh songs for students to master and a constant stream of new content available without the need to upgrade hardware! All songs released for iDance are void of questionable, graphic, or profane content.

16 and 32 player systems include Mobile Positive Gaming Transport and Storage Carts for safe storage and charging. All the packs include a dedicated computer with iDANCE2™ software and 5,000-lumen WUXGA projector; USB keyboard and remote control; and custom AV cart with mixer, amplifier, speakers, wireless mic system, cooling system, surge protector, speaker stands, and locking drawer.

Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2™ Wireless System Options

Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2™ Wireless Systems are available in sets that accommodate 4, 8, 16, and 32 players. Individual components sold separately. Truck delivery.

Wireless Systems

  • 4-Player Wireless System. Includes 4 wireless platforms, and 4 individual platform chargers.
  • 8-Player Wireless System. Includes 8 wireless platforms, and 1 multi-platform charger (charges 8 platforms).
  • 16-Player Wireless System. Includes 16 wireless platforms, and 2 multi-platform chargers (charges 8 platforms).
  • 32-Player Wireless System. Includes 32 wireless platforms, 2 storage carts, and 4 multi-platform chargers (charges 8 platforms).


  • Wireless Dance Platform
  • 16-Platform Storage Cart, 38”L x 28-1/2”W x 42-1/2”H
  • Multi-Platform Charger
  • Individual Platform Charger
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