SMARTfit™ Multi-Station Trainers

The ultimate interactive equipment for gym class, with over 75 games to keep users active and learning!


Keep the minds and bodies of your students active and engaged with more than 75 different activity options all rolled into one! SMARTfit™ Multi-Station Trainers meet SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education, as well as Common Core State Standards, bringing tried and tested methods of improving mind and body wellness to your PE class. Great for all ages, interactive fitness games create the perfect blend of fun, excitement, exercise, and education.

Numerous Activity Options

Choose from more than 75 different exercise activities to keep students engaged and active, while also having fun! Games consist of numerous core focus proficiencies: everything from letters, numbers, and colors, to patterns, shapes, and directions. For even more interaction and activities, teachers can introduce balls and other props, such as foam noodles, medicine balls, and bean bags.

The wall panels themselves offer a wide depth of interaction that will keep students engaged on a number of levels. Different colored lights, various sounds and verbal commands, letters and numbers, and instructions are always present during games to help facilitate the fun! Games range from 10 seconds to up to 4 minutes long.

Each wall panel accommodates up to 10 students, giving instructors the ability to create a number of different activity types. A Software Control Box manages up to 6 different panels at the same time while housing the different games. Single-person activities, team relays, head-to-head competitions, and more make it possible to keep every PE class fun, fresh, and exciting. Panels also offer voice cues in English, French, German, and Spanish, to accommodate bilingual students and second language learners.

Exercises for Mind and Body

Mental stimulation is the premier benefit of SMARTfit™ Multi-Station Trainers. These interactive fitness games require students to think first and fast in order to act appropriately, encouraging them to build critical cognitive skills. From object association and pattern recognition, to memory recollection and problem solving, the workout your students’ minds will get is just as rigorous as the physical one!

Mental stimulation requires physical action when it comes to this interactive equipment for gym class, meaning students will have to act decisively. Coordination, dexterity, and balance will all be required to walk away victorious, putting the focus on these skills and others as each game is played out. Different activities will also help to build endurance, strength, and speed, resulting in a higher level of total body wellness.

Great for all Ages

With over 75 interactive fitness games at your disposal, it’s easy to program activities based on the age group and physical abilities of each class. Younger students can be challenged with simple math games, alphabet activities, and shape recognition drills, while older students can incorporate agility, dexterity, coordination, and accuracy for added difficulty. Buttons are also strategically placed to be easily accessible by students of all ages.

This interactive equipment for gym class meets the SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education and Common Core State Standards. This focus on physical literacy and motor functions means students will have a solid foundation for development and mastery of skills, no matter what game they’re playing.

SMARTfit™ Multi-Station Trainer Options

SMARTfit™ Multi-Station Trainers are available in 3-station systems to accommodate varying class sizes. Professional installation included. Additional Stations sold separately. Truck delivery.

  • 2-Station System (for 10-20 users)
  • 3-Station System (for 15-30 users)
  • 4-Station System (for 20-40 users)
  • Additional Station
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