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Ultimate Exertainment Room

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Create the ultimate activity space with 4 gaming systems and over 25 games!

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This comprehensive and encompassing game system for school gives you the power to turn any PE class into a digital adventure, with 2 Microsoft® Xbox 360® Kinect bundles and 2 Nintendo® Wii U™ bundles. With more than 25 total games and accommodations befitting every student, there’s no shortage of ways to turn fitness into fun. Set up stationed activities, group play opportunities, and friendly competitions to keep every student enthralled as they improve both mind and body.

Make Exercise Exciting!

Students who see physical activities as fun and exciting are more likely to engage in and excel at them, which makes exergames the ideal way to introduce fitness to students on a level they’re already familiar with. The Ultimate Exertainment Room blends fitness with fun to keep students engaged in building their minds and bodies towards a better level of wellness.

The mechanics of both Microsoft® Xbox 360® and Nintendo® Wii U™ games will help evoke a number of cognitive skill building exercises, from pattern recognition and timing to multi-step problem solving and attention to detail. Alone, students will test their skills and shoot for high scores, pushing them to master their proficient skills and help them embrace new concepts. Together, exergames promote teamwork or competition, which fosters cooperation and gamesmanship, respectively.

Physical exercise isn’t lost in the virtual fun of exergames! Both game systems for schools promote real-life movement and use it to power and track in-game activities. For the Microsoft® Xbox 360® Kinect, students are the controllers: when they jump, spin, stretch, or move their body, their on-screen character will do the same! This keeps students constantly moving as they strive to set the high score. Wii U™ controllers feature built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes, translating movement and motion into in-game reactions.

Whole Class Involvement

With 4 systems—2 Microsoft® Xbox 360® Kinect bundles and 2 Nintendo® Wii U™ bundles—this bundle can accommodate entire classes, with simultaneous involvement possible for every student. Xbox 360® Kinect games can support 2 players at a time, while Wii U™ games will support up to 5 players simultaneously.

Teachers can divide classes into groups of 4 and assign them to a console, or set up each console as a station and facilitate switching to keep gameplay fresh and fun. A total of 25 games makes it possible for mixed-age classes to get the same level of enjoyment out of these game systems for school.

The Deluxe Ultimate Exertainment Room bundle also supplies teachers with 4 55” LED TVs and carts, making it possible to quickly set up for the entire class. Stations can be easily and strategically placed around the room to ensure everyone has enough room to play.

Endless Capabilities

Both gaming console variations come with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing them to connect to the internet and download apps, extrapolating the potential for entertainment and education. Teachers can quickly bring up YouTube videos to create exercise stations or instruct different segments of the class via web pages, right from the console.

Microsoft® Xbox 360® consoles come with 250GB of built-in storage to accommodate student saves, downloaded content, and game expansion packs. Nintendo® Wii U™ consoles offer 8GB built-in memory, with virtual backup capabilities.

Ultimate Exertainment Room Options

The Ultimate Exertainment Room is available in Basic and Ultimate options. Truck delivery.

Basic Ultimate Exertainment Room. Includes 4 gaming consoles, a full assortment of games, and accessories. Contents listed below.

Game Consoles

  • 2 Wii U™ Console with GamePad
  • 2 Xbox 360® with Kinect and Game Software

Accessories and Game Packs

  • 8 Wii™ Controllers
  • 8 Wii™ Nunchucks
  • 2 Wii™ Quad Charging Docks
  • Wii U™ Adventure Games Pack
  • Wii U™ Sports Games Pack
  • Wii U™ Fitness/Dance Games Pack
  • Kinect Adventure Games Pack
  • Kinect Sports Games Pack
  • Kinect Fitness/Dance Games Pack

Deluxe Ultimate Exertainment Room. Includes everything in the Basic Pack plus 4 55” LED TVs and 4 AV carts with flat panel mounts and locking cabinets.

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