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Transform your group cycling workouts into a thrilling virtual biking experience!

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Ride across the countryside, through the forest, along the beach, or anywhere else, without ever having to leave your facilities! Virtual biking makes it possible to give students an immersive cycling experience, while simultaneously tracking their pace and progress, either individually or against the group. Students biking will love competing against peers, over the Internet against riders from around the globe, or even against their own ghosts as they strive for new levels of fitness excellence!

Real-Time Capabilities

Track average pace, distance traveled, virtual elevation change, total cycling time, and more, all in real-time thanks to the wireless tracking that WebRacing® Group Fitness provides. Comprehensive data gleaned from every footfall will help instructors monitor the fitness and performance of every student spinning. Unique and prolific datasets then help teachers better serve individual students, zeroing in on areas of improvement for a better approach to spinning.

Individual position tracking can help you get students involved by calling out pacers to lead the pack in turn. Monitor students’ positions over time to see who’s remaining consistent and who’s struggling to pace, to help keep the pack more consistent and cohesive.

Real-time data tracking also helps teachers control the pace and tone of the class to help students reach and maintain their target heart rates quicker and more sustainably throughout the duration of the class. This will provide better fitness results for students as they work within ideal metabolic parameters.

Ride Indoors, Anywhere

High-resolution 3D graphics bring 17 beautifully designed courses to life on screen for students to immerse themselves in as they start to pedal. While they may be biking in school, your cyclists will see lifelike renderings of numerous scenic courses, giving them the motivation they need to push themselves mile after mile. In fact, tranquil and alluring environments have been shown to help sustain interest and motivate riders by up to 30%!

Being able to introduce a virtual environment to your spinning class not only takes away the mundane appearance of a blank wall, it also helps introduce cycling in an environment that’s free of hazards and time-efficient.

Incorporate the Whole Class

With 4, 8, 16, and 32 packages available, classes of all sizes can ride together, wherever the virtual road may take them. The superior communication and connection capabilities of the WebRacing® system also allow for a number of interactive options.

For smaller classes, pack cycling is a great activity that will keep the entire group engaged. Pacers can be called one by one to lead the pack, while other pack members await their turn. For larger classes, virtual bike races can be held to motivate everyone to give it their best. Instructors can monitor top performers to give real-time updates, keeping competition close!

The WebRacing® connectivity also allows you to connect with other riders all around the world! Students will love knowing they’re racing against cyclists from another country or will enjoy a friendly rival with friends as they pedal hard to victory. Within this same function there’s also a ghost rider option that pits students against their last performance, to help encourage improvement over time and personal betterment.

WebRacing® Group Fitness Options

WebRacing® Group Fitness is available in Basic and Ultimate options. Truck delivery.

Basic WebRacing® Package. Includes computer, hardware, and sensors. Use with your existing A/V equipment. Include Dell® Commercial Gaming Computer, Hardware, and Cables; Portable Computer Cart; Wireless Sensor/Hardware for Each Bike; and Professional installation and Setup (Bike assembly not included).

  • 4-Station with Schwinn® IC Pro20™ Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • 8-Station with Schwinn® IC Pro20™ Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • 4-Station (for use with existing bikes)
  • 8-Station (for use with existing bikes)

Deluxe WebRacing® Package. Includes hardware, sensors, and video production components: Instructor Console with 19” Touchscreen (34”L x 28”W x 44”H; 112 lb); Commercial Video Projector (Wall- or Ceiling-Mount); 9’x12’ Fixed Video Screen (Wall-Mount or Portable); Wireless Sensor/Hardware for Each Bike; and Professional installation and Setup (Bike assembly not included).

  • 16-Station with Schwinn® IC Pro20™ Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • 32-Station with Schwinn® IC Pro20™ Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • 16-Station (for use with existing bikes)
  • 32-Station (for use with existing bikes)
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