WebRacing® Virtual Rowing System

Turn rowing workouts into an exciting and engaging experience!


One of the best full-body workouts meets the allure and excitement of digital entertainment when it comes to virtual rowing. Students rowing can compete against class members, other rowers worldwide, or even the ghost of their best time, driving the competitive spirit and helping them reach new heights of fitness. Real-time data, 3 vantage points on screen, and 4 beautiful courses allow rowers to monitor their efforts and make adjustments as they enjoy their workout.

Total Body Fitness

Rowing is widely regarded as one of the best workouts for total body fitness. As rowers push back the lower body is engaged, strengthening calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. When the rowing motion is engaged, students will work their chest, shoulders, back, and arms. The entire motion together strengthens the core to deliver encompassing results.

For students unfamiliar with rowing and its comprehensive benefits, virtual rowing offers a great segue into learning by combining traditional ergometer rowing machines with a virtual component, bridging the gap between fitness and fun. Being able to see their activities on screen, from a third-person view, means seeing their technique in action so they can adapt and refine it for more confidence and better fitness results.

Inviting Gameplay

Connecting the WebRacing® Virtual Rowing System is as simple as plugging it in via an Ethernet cable and downloading the appropriate software! Moreover, once the system is set up, connecting rowers for head to head competitions is quick and easy, whether students are in the same room or halfway around the world.

Students rowing head to head will be pushed to give it their all, equating to a more intense workout and better performance as they strive to finish first. Conversely, pairs of rowers can leverage the benefits of comradery as they pace each other and work together to go the distance. For students rowing alone, a ghost feature puts their best time against them, encouraging them to constantly strive for the betterment of their fitness.

Robust Features

The effort put into virtual rowing is directly translated to on-screen results, meaning students and teachers can monitor data in real-time. And, with 3 unique view options, monitoring stroke technique, and form through the on-screen avatar provides another way for students to better their efforts.

Four unique and highly visual 3D courses give rowers a lifelike feel right in front of them, keeping them engaged at a level that far surpasses that of a traditional ergometer rowing machine.

Mobile monitor stands are included for every 2 interactive monitors, giving students the option to adjust screens for the perfect view of their avatar at all times. Four rolling casters make it easy to quickly move stands, and each locks in place to ensure stability.

WebRacing® Virtual Rowing System Options

WebRacing® Virtual Rowing Systems are available in 2, 4, and 8 station packs, with and without rowers. Truck delivery on packs with rowers.

  • 2-Station System with Concept2® Model D Rowers
  • 4-Station System with Concept2® Model D Rowers
  • 8-Station System with Concept2® Model D Rowers
  • 2-Station System (for use with existing rowers)
  • 4-Station System (for use with existing rowers)
  • 8-Station System (for use with existing rowers
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