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Buy interactive exertainment games from Gopher Sport and mix movement with technology during PE classes!

Have a virtual race or play a PE-themed video game when you add technology to PE classes.

Have your students hop on a bike or rowing machine as they watch the screens in front of them while working out. Virtual biking and rowing track real-time data through simulated courses, allowing teachers and coaches to create a pace that’s great for all users in a class. Students can also race to the finish for a fun competition.

Amp up relays during PE classes with a multi-station trainer that combines fitness with cognitive games. Great for all ages, games use verbal commands, sounds, and more to focus on directional, patterns, and props such as foam noodles. Feel great meeting SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education and Common Core State Standards and keep the fun going day after day.

Buy quality interactive fitness systems from Gopher!