GRID® Foam Rollers

Multiple density zones create a variety of massage techniques for release.


Combat the burn of lactic acid buildups after an intense workout by using a trigger point GRID® foam roller! Offering myofascial relief via muscle stimulation, these foam rollers target sore areas and deliver relief. There’s no need to schedule a massage when you have a GRID® foam roller!

Three Options for Relief

GRID® Foam Rollers come in 3 varying size rollers and levels of firmness. The original 13”L x 5” dia GRID® black or orange foam roller emulates massaging fingertips and is ideal for basic use on any part of the body. Its hollow-core design stands up to consistent use over time, making it a great tool for people with an active lifestyle or rigorous workout routine.

At 26”L x 5” dia, GRID 2.0® models are twice as long as original GRID® rollers, allowing them to finesse larger areas of soreness. These rollers are great for chest, back, and legs, serving to alleviate pain in the hamstrings, pecs, abs, hips, and other larger muscle groups.

Extra firm, 13”L x 5-1/2” dia GRID®X rollers support hardened workout enthusiasts! They’re twice as firm as original GRID® rollers, specifically for stimulating deeper, denser muscles such as the calves, quads, hamstrings, or back muscles.

Colorful Options

Choose from black or orange foam rollers depending on your preference or workout environment. Orange rollers are easier to spot from a distance and offer visibility amongst crowded equipment closets. Black rollers stay cleaner longer and offer a more professional appeal over time.


  • Rounded tube with different density of foam rolls across to massage muscles and reduces tension and tightness as a form of self-myofascial release and massage therapy.
  • Foam rollers help because exercise burns glucose and glycogen as its fuel, leaving behind a byproduct called lactic acid. This produces the pain or "burn" you feel the day after a hard workout. To get rid of the pain, you can get a massage from someone or use foam rollers to massage muscles on your own.
  • Best suited for indoor use, as rough surfaces will break the foam down faster over time.

GRID® Foam Roller Options

GRID® Foam Rollers are available in 3 varieties, in 2 colors.

  • GRID®
    • Orange
    • Black
  • GRID 2.0®
    • Orange
    •  Black
  • GRID®X
    • Black
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