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Volcano™ Foam Roller

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Relieve sore muscles and stiffness with a foam roller that turns dormant muscles into active muscles!

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Our best foam roller features a raised, textured design that works its way deep into muscles to provide a relaxing, restorative massage. By stimulating blood flow and breaking up lactic acid, users will find themselves on the road to recovery faster, with less pain and soreness hindering them. 

Deep Massage Capabilities

Raised nubs across the entire surface of this15”L x 5-1/2” dia rumble roller offer dual effect to users: breaking up lactic acid buildups that cause soreness, while stimulating blood flow to affected areas for faster healing. The raised, uniform design of the roller gets in deep, to finesse muscles harder and more effectively than smooth rollers, comparable to a sports or deep tissue massage. The bumps on the roller provide an even distribution of pressure thanks to the pattern design.


  • Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to sore muscles, aiding in recovery.
  • Rounded tube with different density of foam is rolled across to massage muscles and reduce tension and tightness as a form of self-myofascial release and massage therapy.
  • Foam rollers help because exercise burns glucose and glycogen as its fuel, leaving behind a byproduct called lactic acid. This is what produces the pain or "burn" you feel the day after a hard workout. To get rid of the pain, you can get a massage from someone or use foam rollers to massage muscles on your own.
  • Best suited for indoor use, as rough surfaces will break the foam down faster over time.


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