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UltraFit Turn-N-Burn Speed Ropes
MaxSpin Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes
ReadyTurn Speed Ropes
GripTurn Speedrope
Gopher Cable Speed Rope
Cable Speed Ropes
ErgoTurn Speed Rope
MagneTurn Speed Ropes
ReadyRope Jump Rope Rack

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Shop for the fastest turning fitness ropes at Gopher Sport to incorporate into your fitness plan!

Get hearts racing while building endurance and coordination with fitness jump ropes from Gopher!

  • PVC speed ropes are durable, lightweight, and easy to turn at high speed for users at any skill level. They withstand constant contact with the ground.
  • Coated cable ropes are heavier and stiffer than PVC, making them much faster while spinning. These are best for more advanced users.

Purchase smooth-turning fitness jump ropes from Gopher!