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Shop Gopher Sport kettlebell sets and train students and classes with full-body workouts!

For instructors leading strength training classes, Gopher kettlebells come in a variety of designs and materials to maximize workouts. From introductory students through advanced trainees, Gopher kettlebells offer something for all ages and performance levels.

For beginners, Gopher rubber kettlebells for sale provide a non-intimidating option for students grasping the fundamentals of kettlebell training. While these training tools hold the same heft as traditional kettlebells, the less-abrasive form promotes a friendlier look and feel, color-coded according to weight.

Of the more traditional cast-iron kettlebell varieties, instructors and trainers can choose between flat-bottom molds that won’t roll away and premium rubber coating for extra durability against chips and knicks. Unique designs, like ones with center handles, customize comfort without sacrificing muscle. Gopher also promotes proper technique in circuit packs complete with station training instructions and movement explanations. Gopher kettlebell equipment includes storage racks for when the kettlebells are not in use.

Shop kettlebell equipment from Gopher Sport and push trainees toward high-strength workouts, inside and out.

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