UltraFit TyroBALL Rubber Kettlebells

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All the great features of the KettleBALL, in a 25% smaller size for younger students and beginners!

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Lighter weights, friendlier materials, and a smaller design make these kettle ball weights perfect for younger students and beginners! Teach the fundamentals of core kettlebell exercises without the intimidating weight and abrasive cast-iron material. Kettle ball sets come with racking for the full gamut of weights, with individual weights also available.

Great for Beginners

Smaller than a traditional cast-iron kettlebell and made with friendlier rubber material, this kettlebell alternative mimics the form and function of more advanced equipment, yet scales everything down to the beginner level. A smoother handle makes lifting and moving kettle balls easier, while their compact design plays nice in smaller hands. Color-coded balls help students to easily recognize different weights, making it easy to adjust resistance across different exercises. As students learn good form and handling on these kettle balls, they’ll be ready to move up to weightier cast-iron kettlebells.


  • Thanks to the rubber material that makes up the bell, this equipment is far less intimidating than other bells made of cast iron.
  • Kettlebell routines generally flow from one exercise to the next. If done correctly, the smooth transitions make it feel more natural for your body to perform the steps, keeping users safe from injury.
  • Compound, whole-body movements—typical of kettlebell exercises—are superior to machines that isolate muscles for improving muscle tone, body composition, strength, balance, and coordination. A more effective workout can be done with a kettlebell, as compared to a machine.
  • Kettlebells can be used similar to other pieces of equipment. For example, kettlebells can be used similar to a barbell, such as in a clean or a snatch, and can actually replace a dumbbell for bent over rows or shoulder presses.

UltraFit™ TyroBALL™ Rubber Kettlebells Options

UltraFit™ TyroBALL™ Rubber Kettlebells are available in Complete Sets with Racks, or individually in 6 weights. Truck delivery.

  • Stationary Set. Includes 12 kettlebells (2 ea 3-15 lb), UltraFit™ Stationary Rack, and 3 UltraFit™ Kettlebell Training Charts.
  • Mobile Set. Includes 16 kettlebells(2 ea 3, 8, 12, 15 lb; 4 ea 5, 10 lb), UltraFit™ Mobile Rack, and 3 UltraFit™ Kettlebell Training Charts.
  • Individual Kettlebells
    • 3 lb
    • 5 lb
    • 8 lb
    • 10 lb
    • 12lb
    • 15 lb
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