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UltraFit KettleBALL Rubber Kettlebells
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UltraFit™ Kettlebell Circuit Pack

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Our kettlebell sets and individual options come in a variety of designs and materials, giving students exposure to kettlebells and an easy progression as abilities advance. We offer an assortment of options to fit everyone's needs, from introductory to advanced users.

Rubber and sand-filled kettlebells provide non-intimidating alternatives for students learning about the fundamentals. While these training tools hold the same heft as traditional kettlebells, the less-aggressive design promotes a friendlier feel. We also offer more traditional cast-iron kettlebell varieties for a classic look. Unique designs, like options with center handles, create customized comfort while exercising.

Teachers and coaches can promote proper technique using circuit packs complete with station training instructions and movement explanations. Keep everything organized between classes when kettlebells are not in use with convenient storage racks.

Which kettlebell is right for me?

Cast-Iron Kettlebells

  • The classic cast-iron construction. Features molded-in weight identifiers that will not wear off.

Coated Kettlebells

  • Rubber or vinyl coating is friendlier on wrists/arms and protects the ball integrity. 

Soft Kettlebells

  • Solid, semi-flexible form offers less intimidation for beginners to advanced kettlebell users and will not damage floors.

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