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UltraFit™ Atlas™ Medicine Balls

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Show your Titan strength bearing the weight of the biggest and toughest medicine balls on the market!

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Modeled after Strongman Atlas Stones, Atlas™ Medicine Balls are softer and safer than authentic concrete stone. At 18” dia, our heaviest medicine balls are a phenomenal option for replicating Atlas Stone movements such as shouldering, platform lifts, Zercher squats, or any movement when a heavier weight and larger diameter is preferred.

Dependable Durability

The reliable and heavy-duty construction of the Atlas™ balls makes them ready for the most vigorous drills and nearly as tough as the real stones! The cover is constructed with utmost strength and durability and is rated to be stronger than steel and only 20% as dense.

No-Slip Grip

Along with ultimate durability, the specialized cover offers users a unique grip that just won’t slip. Spend more time training and less time worrying the ball will slip through sweaty hands. Heavy-duty stitching increases the long-lasting durability of the ball.

Safe for Any Setting

While it’s best suited for advanced students and athletes, the Atlas™ medicine ball is the safest Atlas Stone training tool on the market! The soft core eliminates common dangers of a classic stone for the user and floor. All Atlas™ balls are a uniform 18” dia. This helps users learn how to grip the ball with a lighter weight, and then progress to the next step up without relearning how to hold it. Large, sewn-in weight identifiers will not wear off, taking away any guesswork when selecting a ball.

UltraFit™ Atlas™ Medicine Ball Options

UltraFit™ Atlas™ Medicine Balls are available in sets or Individually in 4 weights.

  • 180 lb Set. Includes 3 balls (1 ea 40-80 lb).
  • 240 lb Set. Includes 3 balls (1 ea 60-100 lb).

Individual Balls

  • 40 lb
  • 60 lb
  • 80 lb
  • 100 lb
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