UltraFit™ BLOX™ Medicine Cubes

Reshape your workout with a new take on the standard medicine ball!


BLOX™, the only weighted medicine ball of its kind, offers variety with all the benefits of medicine ball training! Beginners and younger students love BLOX™ because they provide an easy and safe introduction to medicine ball training, as well as lifting and moving weight.

Simple, Effective Design

Simply lifting the uniform 14” flat, square box is a familiar, everyday movement which engages functional strength muscle groups in the legs, core, and arms. The no-roll design keeps each cube in place between reps and exercise transitions and adds stacking activities to the list — a simple exercise that nearly all ages and abilities can perform!

Superior Construction

Unlike most traditional medicine balls that are often constructed with low-quality composite fill and a hard cover, BLOX™ Cubes feature softer, safer materials. The interior includes 2 kinds of foam – the center foam is very firm and gives each cube its weight. A second softer foam encapsulates the center, providing a friendly, safer feel for students.

The foam is protected by a heavy-duty 14 oz vinyl cover that is supported by a nylon mesh interior so it resists tears, cracking, and punctures. Triple-stitched seams ensure the cover stays intact, even after years of routine use and abuse. The vinyl cover can be wiped clean after training to stop the spread of germs and keep each cube looking new.

Colorful Organization

The vibrant Rainbow® cover colors are fun for younger students and add instant organization: designate each cube/color as an exercise in a circuit routine (Red is lunges! Blue is shoulder presses!), identify teams in fitness-inspired games & activities, and more! Each color, along with the large white printed-on label, also identifies the cube’s weight in pounds.

When training or the activity is complete, cubes simply stack for organized storage without taking up a lot of floor space

UltraFit™ BLOX™ Medicine Cube Options

UltraFit™ BLOX™ Medicine Cubes are available in a Complete Set of 12 or Individually in 6 weights.

  • Complete Set.  Includes 12 cubes (2 ea 4-14 lb).

Individual Cubes

  • 4 lb
  • 6 lb
  • 8 lb
  • 10 lb
  • 12 lb
  • 14 lb
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