SandBell Sand Weights

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It's a dumbbell, it's a kettlebell, it's a medicine ball … it's a SandBell!

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Provide younger students to the benefits of traditional pieces of equipment, without the intimidation of a large, heavy bags! SandBell® weights combine the benefits of training with sand, with friendlier materials and a more versatile design, giving students a great introduction to this weightlifting alternative.

Great for Beginners

SandBell® weights offer the ideal solution to training with sand in a smaller, more versatile option! Our softest sand weights feature a smaller design that encourages beginners to get accustomed to working out with sand weights, along with a soft neoprene material that’s pliable and friendly.

Color-coded strips make it easy for students to quickly identify different weights and pick the one that’s right for them. As they progress and become familiar with sand weights they can move up in weight, jumping from lighter to heavier weights and more advanced movements.

Versatile Design

The unique design of SandBell® weights allows them to be used in a wide range of exercises. As soon as they’re picked up the sand within begins to work a student’s grip, wrist, and forearms. Other body areas can be targeted by specific programming and often, these weights can be used in place of medicine balls or dumbbells for a range of traditional exercises.

Use SandBell® weights in place of a medicine ball for weighted slams, partner tosses, or Russian twists; in place of a kettlebell for swings; in place of dumbbell for bicep curls; or in place of a barbell for bent over row. The list goes on and on!

SandBell® Sand Weight Options

SandBell® Sand Weights are available in 2 Sets of 6.

  • Light Set (2 ea 4 lb, 8 lb, 12 lb)
  • Heavy Set (2 ea 12 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb)
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