Tremor™ Weight Balls

Upgraded construction and textured design for the best weight balls you can buy!


Combine hand weights with cardio routines for an optimized workout that builds endurance and strength! Or, use these toning balls in range of motion and stretching exercises to get a deeper level of foundational stability. Balls are non-intimidating and versatile, and can be incorporated into virtually any fitness exercise with ease!

Stretch, Tone, and Stabilize

Used to a superb degree in rehabilitation exercises or core development activities, these balls are ideal for stretching, toning, and stabilizing muscle groups. Balls offer enough “give” to be squeezed and gripped, yet offer a slight weightiness to work muscles gently during exercises. Gripping the ball and holding it over your head or palming it straight out to the side, for example, will work to engage muscles, to tone and stabilize them.

Great Durability

Made with extra thick PVC walls, these balls are ready to stand up to constant handling without failure. The gripped texture makes it easy to hold and maneuver them, resulting in better control for users and less accidental drops during exercises.

Easy Identification

These hand weights come in 4 weights, each color-coded by the cover to ensure they’re easy to quickly identify. Each also includes a weight marker on the cover that will not peel or wear off. Red signifies 2 lb, yellow is 3 lb, green is 4 lb, and blue is 5 lb—students will be able to pick up the right ball for them at a glance.

A custom ABS rack stores the Complete Set, keeping balls organized and free from damage.

Tremor™ Weight Ball Options

Tremor™ Weight Balls are available in a Complete Set or Individually in 4 weights.

  • Complete Set. Includes 8 balls (2 of each weight) and a Magnus™ ABS Rack.
  • Individual Balls
    • 2 lb
    • 3 lb
    • 4 lb
    • 5 lb
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