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UltraFit™ Demolition™ Kompact Medicine Balls

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Our toughest, most durable  medicine ball in a compact form!

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Looking for more control when doing lunges or a small medicine ball for wall ball routines? The 10” dia of the Demolition™ Kompact can stand up to the challenge! It’s our most durable medicine ball available in a compact, easy-to-hold size.

Extreme, Top-Notch Construction

Unequaled durability and maximum control makes the Demolition™ Kompact our longest-lasting, cloth-covered medicine ball for traditional exercises. The rugged cover makes it a great choice for any setting. The cover of each ball is stronger than steel, but more than 5 times lighter. Users get the best of both world's an extremely strong, yet light, easy to handle ball!

Maximum Control

The tacky cover gives users an ultimate, non-slip grip. Its unique panel construction ensures weight is evenly displaced over the precisely stitched seams making the Demolition™ Kompact even more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Compact Versatility

The smaller, 10” dia is uniform regardless of weight allowing for a seamless progression from one weight to another. Lighter weights offer a great introduction to medicine ball training, while the heavier weights offer a highly controllable option for more advanced workouts. Easily identify the correct ball every time with large, bold sewn-in weight identifiers that will not wear off.

UltraFit™ Demolition™ Kompact Medicine Ball Options

UltraFit™ Demolition™ Kompact Medicine Balls are available in sets with storage and training charts or Individually in 6 weights. Truck delivery on sets.

Individual Balls

  • 4 lb
  • 6 lb
  • 8 lb
  • 10 lb
  • 12 lb
  • 14 lb
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