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UltraFit Endurance Medicine Balls

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Our best medicine balls with longest-lasting rubber are tested to endure over 1 million slams!

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The specially constructed Endurance is the best traditional rubber medicine ball in our selection! It lasts so long, it will be the last one you will ever have to buy! We used a unique, roto-molded construction process with multi-layer technology to make these balls ultra-durable and last 100x longer than other rubber medicine balls.

Superior Longevity

This ball was put to the test and lasts 100x longer than traditional rubber medicine balls! The roto-molded cover and multi-layer construction endures the most vigorous exercises and prevents any splitting, cracking, or deformities to it's perfectly round shape.

Easy to Use

Deep channels on the cover resemble those on a basketball and help users maintain a good grip through the entire workout. The rubber construction also provides a full bounce, which is ideal for individual or partner tossing/catching drills.

The ball's diameter slowly increases with each weight, from 7.5" to 11.5", to further challenge users. Large weight identifiers printed on the ball make it easy to quickly select the desired weight. Users can also quickly reference the cover's color, which is unique to each weight.

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