UltraFit™ Performer™ Medicine Balls

Seamless rubber construction delivers an exceptionally durable medicine ball, for use indoors or out.


The Performer™ Rubber Medicine Ball is built to withstand years of use in any setting. Its textured cover offers users a consistent grip, and a high bounce factor adds variety to traditional medicine ball exercises. 

Exceptional Durability, Indoors and Out

Constructed of premium rubber, the ball is firm to the touch and is designed to withstand years of throwing, catching, and bouncing in all environments and settings. Go ahead, take training outdoors! The Performer™ is free of cracks and open seams, ensuring no moisture, dirt, or soil will get inside the ball. No matter what, this ball will retain its shape and uniform diameter.

Diameter increases (7”-12” dia) as weight increases (4-14 lb), making it more challenging for the user. Each ball is marked with its weight in large, easy-to-read print. Balls are also color-coded by weight for easy organization, inventory, and quick selection.

Excellent Grip

Textured, solid-rubber cover enhances grip for more secure hand placement during dynamic medicine ball exercises. Perform everything from core and ab exercises to overhead partner tosses with confidence in the ball’s gripability, even with sweaty hands.

Bounce Factor

Hollow interior and rubber cover deliver a high-bounce factor, adding variety and versatility to workouts. Get into a rhythm with wall tosses, or bounce the ball back and forth with a partner – there are plenty of fun ways to enhance fitness while developing core strength and coordination. Because of its firm nature, this ball can also be used to add instability and challenge to push-ups, lunges, squats,comma and more.

UltraFit™ Performer™ Rubber Medicine Ball Options

UltraFit™ Performer™ Rubber Medicine Balls are available in Sets with storage and instruction or Individually in 6 weights. Storage racks and instruction are also sold separately. Truck delivery on Sets.

Individual Balls

  • 4 lb, Red, 7” dia
  • 6 lb, Yellow, 8” dia
  • 8 lb, Blue, 9” dia
  • 11 lb, Orange, 10” dia
  • 12 lb, Black, 11” dia
  • 14 lb, Green, 12” dia
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