Apex™ Square Plyometric Boxes

Thick 2" sq steel and recessed, antiskid top make these the apex of plyometric boxes!


With thicker steel than any other plyometric box on the market, this is a piece of equipment that’s been built to last through years of plyo training. A textured top is recessed into the platform so it will prevent slipping and will never peel away.

Outstanding Training Tool

Also referred to as “jump training,” plyometrics is a technique often used to help athletes train for volleyball, basketball, tennis, or other sports that require explosive movements. We made a stronger, better box to allow all ages to train without the worry of a poor-performing box.

Constructed with 18-gauge steel, this is the thickest plyo box frame you’ll find. As a result, it is less prone to denting or dings that may arise from stacking or transporting boxes, keeping your boxes in great condition for longer periods of time. Its 2” frame is also the largest frame on the market, which provides more stability than plyo boxes that only have 1” frames. Powder coating on the frame enhances its appearance and prevents it from being cracked or chipped.

The bottom side of each corner features 4 rubber feet, which keep the box in place when the user jumps on top. Having these feet in place also helps to protect the floor from scratching during use and transport.

The platform’s anti-skid landing surface prevents users from slipping when landing. Its recessed design differs from other plyo boxes on the market, which simply cover the top part of the box with a glued- or stapled-on piece of rubber or plastic. Instead, this box’s landing surface is all one single piece, meaning it will never tear or peel away.

Extra Convenience

Many other boxes on the market come stacked inside and on top of each other, which leads to each box needing to be lifted off and unstacked individually to access the smallest box. Rather than forcing users to go through this for every exercise period, we have removed one bottom base piece so these boxes can easily be pulled out from the other without having to unstack and restack all the boxes.

Storage also becomes easier thanks to this design. Because these stack into each other, they take up far less space when they are not in use. This enables you to save valuable floor space for other exercise activities.

Apex is available in multiple sizes for all ages and easy progression. Beginners can start off with the 12”H box, and eventually progress to the point where they are able to train with the 36”H. 

Apex™ Square Plyometric Boxes Options

Apex™ Square Plyometric Boxes are available in a Complete Set of 5 or Individually in 5 sizes. Truck delivery.

  • Complete Set
  • Individual Boxes
    • 12"H
    • 18"H
    • 24"H
    • 30"H
    • 36"H
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