Apex™ Trapezoid Plyometric Boxes

The most durable plyometric boxes you can find, in a classic shape!


Using the same durable design as found in Apex’s square boxes, these boxes provide users with a trapezoidal option that enhances stability. Many athletes prefer this shape for the added safety it provides. This is the only trapezoidal plyo box we offer.

Additional Safety

While square plyo boxes are becoming more common, trapezoidal plyo boxes are more traditional. A trapezoidal frame provides greater stability than a square frame because of the wider base, which makes it the preferred option for users who have safety in mind.

Outside of the shape, the box features the same durability and stability found in square Apex™ plyo boxes. An 18-gauge steel design and 2” frame make this the thickest plyo box frame found anywhere on the market, leading to longer-lasting durability and appearance. The frame has also been powder-coated to provide extra durability and an attractive finish. Every bottom corner features a rubber foot to ground the box and keep it steady when an athlete jumps on top. These feet also help to keep the gym floor from getting scuffed and scratched.

A recessed, single-piece design on the platform prevents the surface from ever tearing or coming apart from the box. This is especially beneficial when compared to other boxes that simply glue on a rubber or plastic landing surface. An anti-skid material ensures users will plant firmly when they jump on the box, no slipping to worry about.

Outstanding Convenience

One side of each has been cut out to make it easier for users to access smaller boxes without needing to unstack and restack all of them. Having these boxes stack into each other so easily also makes it so they take up significantly less space when they’re not being used. As a result, you are able to save far more floor space in the gym for other activities and exercises.

Skill Progression

Available in multiple sizes, every box provides a new challenge for users. Beginners can start off with the 12”H box and perfect their technique before progressing up, ultimately reaching the 36”H box if they are up to the challenge!

Apex™ Trapezoid Plyometric Boxes Options

Apex™ Trapezoid Plyometric Boxes are available in a Complete Set of 4 or Individually in 4 sizes. Truck delivery.

  • Complete Set
  • Individual Boxes
    • 12"H
    • 18"H
    • 24"H
    • 30"H
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