JumpSport® Rebounder

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The pro fitness rebounder that lasts over 1 million jumps!

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Designed with elastic cords instead of springs, the longevity and durability of this rebounder is unsurpassed. A supremely durable jump mat, high-strength steel, and rubber-capped feet stand up to institutional wear and tear with ease. Stackable design makes for easy transport and storage.

Elastic Cord Construction

Using elastic cords instead of springs to generate rebounding action makes this pro fitness rebounder the leader for longevity. The cords will last up to 3 times longer than traditional springs, accommodating up to 1 million or 4 million cycles based on their thickness. Say goodbye to the squeaks and creaks of springs as well; cords are nearly silent as they absorb the shock of rebounding!

The tension of the cords can also be easily adjusted to firm up or slacken the jumping surface. More slack offers bigger rebounding potential, which accommodates stiff joints and lower-speed exercises. A firmer rebounding area quickens the pace of exercises and offers a more challenging routine.

Exceptional Durability

The face of this rebounder consists of Permatron® trampoline fabric, which is touted for is longevity, durability, and consistent performance over time. Virtually indestructible, this material is comprised of high-carbon polypropylene fabric, woven together to promote high tensile strength, excellent UV protection, and mildew resistance. Even in the face of heavy institutional use, these thermally-interlocked fibers won’t succumb to wear and tear.

A circular steel frame offers the perfect mix of durability and safety. There are no edges for students to bump into, thus minimizing the potential for accidents. Non-marring steel won’t compromise over time or show signs of aging—even during transport and storage—promoting functionality well into the 1 million cycle range.

Rubberized leg caps work to keep the rebounder in place at all times, preventing sliding or shifting that could cause accidents or damage to gym floors.

Consolidated Design

The 22” dia jumping area (33” dia mat extends over the cords) of the actual bouncing area is large enough to accommodate students up to 250 lb, while also remaining small enough to be safely stacked in storage areas. Weighing just 18 lb, multiple units can be securely stacked and transported without concerns of toppling or shifting under the duress of heavy weight.

Rebounder is 39” dia x 12-1/2”H; 18 lb.

JumpSport® Rebounder Options

JumpSport® Rebounders are available in 1 Million and 4 Million Cycle models.

  • 1 Million Cycles
  • 4 Million Cycles
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