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Triad 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Boxes

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The best foam plyo box is stronger, safer, and more versatile than all others!

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Get an entire plyo set in 1 durable, lightweight box! Simply rotate the Triad™ for 3 training heights to accommodate a range of ages, abilities, or exercises!

Safe and Less Intimidating

Because this plyo box is constructed of foam, it provides users with a softer landing surface and less impact. This makes for a less intimidating option, especially when compared to hard steel or wood plyo boxes. If the user misses the jump there is much less of a risk of injury thanks to the softer surface. Large number markers are printed on top of each box to show athletes what size of box they are using, which helps them ensure they are working with the correct size.

An anti-slip material has been placed on the 3 “base” sides of the box keep it secure during while jumping, even on smooth gym floors. While smaller boxes (like the 24” size) might typically be a little insecure due to the smaller surface area, the added weight helps to stabilize it, keeping users safe. This is why the smaller box weighs so much more (65 lb) than the larger, wider box (16.5 lb).

Overall, this is a box that is more accommodating to a wider variety of users, from beginners up to elite athletes. Younger users will appreciate the safety of the box while learning their movements, while more advanced users can still benefit from the larger sizes.

High-Quality Construction

There are 2 types of foam featured in this box’s design. A dense inner foam provides the box with its shape, and a 2” thick rebond foam outer layer provides a firm landing surface for the user. Rebond foam is different than traditionally formed foam. Rather than being poured and expanded, it is made by shredding multiple varieties of pre-formed foam into small pieces and then bonding them together through compression with an adhesive. This bonding process gives the foam extra strength and rigidity that other foam materials are not able to match, making rebond foam a popular choice in public, commercial, and industrial settings that receive heavy use.

Highly Sanitary

Some people might be concerned with how sanitary a foam plyo box is. For that reason, each of these boxes features a silver ion-treated antimicrobial 16 oz vinyl known as SilverGuard®. This treatment provides the foam with a defense that inhibits odor-causing bacteria and stops the spread of germs. As a result, you can use these boxes over and over again without having to worry about multiple users sharing germs.

Triad™ 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Box Options

Triad™ 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Boxes are available in 2 sizes.

  • Small, 16” x 20” x 24”H, 65 lb (weighted for stability)
  • Large, 30” x 20” x 24”H, 16-1/2 lb


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