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UltraFit Self-Nesting Plyo Boxes

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The most convenient, easy-access plyo boxes you can buy!

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Our innovative steel plyo boxes nest together neatly for space-saving storage, and slide out individually for instant access to any of the 4 sizes without shuffling or rearranging. A curved jumping platform provides better clearance and helps prevent injury.

Easy Access

Thanks to the open-frame design of these plyo boxes, the entire set easily nests together for compact storage. This nesting also makes it easy to access smaller boxes — simply slide out the option you need, regardless of how the other boxes are stacked or set. Other boxes require you to completely lift and unstack sets before you can access the smallest sizes.

Safe Design

Each of these boxes features a rounded edge on the top, compared to the flat corners and edges often found on other boxes. Rounded edges protect users from potential injury if they are not able to clear the top of the box. Taking that sharp edge out of the equation help prevent shin injuries.

The top of the box is lined with a ¼” thick rubber material. It includes a tacky texture to help the user keep their feet in place when landing.

Easy Progression

Users of all skillsets can make use of these boxes thanks to the varying sizes available. Choose from 4 sizes to develop technique and skill in jumping, leaping, and bounding exercises that help to activate more muscle fibers. Doing these exercises increases the speed and efficiency of your muscle contractions and enhances your explosiveness.

UltraFit™ Self-Nesting Plyometric Platform Options

UltraFit™ Self-Nesting Plyometric Platforms are available in a Complete Set with DVD or Individually in 4 sizes.

Complete Set. Includes 1 platform o each size (listed below) and Plyometric Training DVD.

Individual Boxes

  • 12”H, 18 lb
  • 18”H, 21 lb
  • 24”H, 25 lb
  • 30”H, 39 lb