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CommandPost™ Resistance Tubing Station Packs

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Unique design features multiple resistance tube-attachment rings, allowing up to 10 students to train at once!

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The all-steel CommandPost™ Resistance Tubing Station measures 84”H and features 3 tube-attachment rings for 360-degree training. Its adjustment rings slide to 11 height settings, accommodating users of all sizes and allowing for a wide variety of movements for the best resistance tube workout.


  • Build up strength with a less-intimidating option, especially when compared to machines and dumbbells.
  • Our only anchor station that accommodates multiple users, allowing several to exercise at the same time.
  • The lower 2 rings on the station adjust to allow for different movements. Lower the bottom ring all the way down for lower body exercises, or move it back up for back and core movements. The middle of the station also adjusts for varying heights of users.
  • Carabiner clips on the tubing make anchoring onto the rings quick, easy, and secure. This also prevents a pinch point from forming on the tubing, as it is not simply looped around or through the anchor point. Therefore, there is far less stress, enhancing its longevity.
  • A seatbelt-grade nylon sheathing protects the tube from nicks, cuts, or debris that could damage the tube.
  • Users can easily begin with lighter resistance and progress upward as strength increases.
  • Each level of resistance is clearly marked with its own color and label.
  • CommandPost™ comes with our durable StrongHold™ 2.0 Anchor Station, which doubles as a conditioning ropes anchor station.
  • Use at least 180 lb in weight plates on anchor station to prevent tipping.

CommandPost™ Resistance Tubing Station Options

CommandPost™ Resistance Tubing Stations are available in packs with tubing. Additional station and tubing available separately. Truck delivery on packs and CommandPost™ with Stronghold™ 2.0.

  • Complete Packs. Include CommandPost™ with Warrior™ StrongHold™ 2.0 and 20 tubes.
    • Light Pack (3 pr X-Light, 4 pr Light, 3 pr Medium)
    • Medium Pack (3 pr Light, 4 pr Medium, 3 pr Heavy)
    • Heavy Pack (3 pr Medium, 4 pr Heavy, 3 pr X-Heavy)
  • CommandPost w/ Warrior StrongHold 2.0
  • UltraFit ProTex Tubing with Carabiner
    • X-Light, Light Blue
    • Light, Green
    • Medium, Red
    • Heavy, Blue
    • X-Heavy, Black
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