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ProStretch Resistance Tubing with Foam-Covered Handles

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Our best resistance tubes with our most comfortable handles.

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Handles are covered in a contoured soft foam that’s easy on hands and comfortable to grip throughout the entire workout. Progressive-layered latex tubing allows for supremely consistent resistance throughout movements. Tubes connect to handles via nylon straps and a durable plastic piece that cradles the tubing end, enhancing the security and longevity of the tubes.


  • Resistance bands are less intimidating than dumbbells and machines, yet still produce great results.
  • Resistance training is great for building strength and core stability, and can be a tremendous help during physical therapy, yoga, stretching, and more.
  • Foam-covered handles protect the hands and durable tubing provides smooth extension and retraction for a safe and comfortable experience.
  • Handles provide supreme grip during workouts.
  • Easily progress in your strength training with 5 levels of resistance.
  • Each level of resistance is clearly identified with a specific color of band and a label sewn into the handle.
  • 48"L.

Pack Options

  • Rainbow Sets. Include 6 tubes (light or medium).
  • ClassPlus 25-Tube Wall Rack Pack. Includes 25 tubes (5 ea X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy), all-steel SelectPro Wall Rack, and UltraFit Resistance Tubing Training Charts.
  • ClassPlus 32-Tube Packs. Include 32 tubes (8 Light, 16 Medium, 8 Heavy), ABS or Steel TubeMover Cart, and UltraFit Resistance Tubing Training Charts.
  • ClassPlus 48-Tube Packs. Include 48 tubes (12 Light, 24 Medium, 12 Heavy), ABS or Steel TubeMover Cart, and UltraFit Resistance Tubing Training Charts.

Why incorporate resistance tube training into my fitness program?


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