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ProStretch™ Tubing with TPR Handles

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Supreme resistance tubing with our extreme-grip handles!

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Featuring superior, rubber-tipped latex tubing, this resistance tubing with handles is constructed with progressive-layering technology for the most consistent resistance throughout movements. Its solid plastic handles have grooved finger placements and feature a TPR coating for a comfortable and superior grip.


  • Give your students a less-intimidating option for strength training! They can accomplish outstanding results with resistance tubing just as they would with dumbbells or machines.
  • This is the only resistance tubing on the market to feature a rubber inlay on the handle.
  • Easily progress in resistance level. Users can start on lighter tubes, and as they build up their strength they can progress on to heavier resistance.
  • All tubing levels are represented with labels and colors for quick and easy identification.
  • Each tube is 48"L.

ProStretch™ Tubing with TPR Handles Options

ProStretch™ Tubing with TPR Handles is available in packs or individually.

ClassPlus 32-Tube Packs. Include 32 tubes (8 Light, 16 Medium, 8 Heavy), an ABS or Steel TubeMover™ Cart, and Charts.

  • ABS Cart
  • Steel Cart

ClassPlus 48-Tube Packs. Include 48 tubes, (12 Light, 24 Medium, 12 Heavy), an ABC or Steel TubeMover™ Cart, and Charts.

  • ABS Cart
  • Steel Cart

Individual Tubing

  • X-Light, Yellow
  • Light, Green
  • Medium, Red
  • Heavy, Blue
  • X-Heavy, Black
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