Resistance Loops

Continuous exercise loops are easy to anchor, and great for adding resistance to lateral movements.


Available in 4 resistance levels, these mini exercise bands give you 2 options for exercising. The 12” lengths work great for smaller exercise movements, while the 18” loops offer great fit for more dynamic movements.


  • Build greater core stability and overall strength with the help of these bands, especially while you have your students engaged in stretching, yoga, physical therapy and more.
  • These loops create less intimidation for younger or more inexperienced students than dumbbells or weight machines, so they will dive in and participate.
  • Football, basketball, or any sport where lateral movement is required benefit from exercise loops. The user performs these lateral drills by benefitting from the extra resistance provided by the loop, which enhances strength and explosiveness.
  • The loops can also work with upper body and core exercises, such as bent over rows or flutter kicks.
  • Progressive resistance options make it easy for you to start users on lighter tubes and move them up to more resistance as their strength increases.
  • Each level of resistance is color-coded and marked with a label for easy identification.
  • This is the only continuous loop option we offer in these lengths, and will give you the most bang for your buck.

Resistance Loop Options

Resistance Loops are available in 2 lengths and 4 resistance levels.

  • Length
    • 12”L
    • 18”L
  • Resistance Levels
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
    • X-Heavy 
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