UltraFit™ Beast™ Bands

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The ultimate exercise band tool to instantly add resistance or assistance!

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Add resistance to lifting exercises (squats, deadlifts, shrugs) without increasing the weight. Use these resistance bands for assisted pull-ups and dips or to maximize stretching, speed training, and rehabilitation. All bands are 41"L x 3/16" thick and are available Individually or in convenient Packs with storage.


  • Anchor the bands to equipment to enhance benching, squats, and other power lifts.
  • Use the bands with existing equipment for assisted pull-ups and dips.
  • A closed loop design adds resistance for stretching, rehabilitation, and strength training.
  • This is the only closed loop, thick-resistance band we offer, and our most versatile resistance band.

UltraFit™ Beast™ Band Options

UltraFit™ Beast™ Bands are available in packs with storage or individually. Wall Rack also sold separately.

  • UltraFit™ Beast™ Bands Packs. Include 8 bands and a mesh storage bag.
    • Light (2 XX-Light, 4 X-Light, 2 Light)
    • Medium (2 X-Light, 4 Light, 2 Medium)
    • Heavy (2 Light, 4 Medium, 2 Heavy)
  • Beast™ Band Wall Rack Pack. Includes 25 bands (5 ea XX-Light, X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy) and an all-steel Beast™ Band Wall Rack.
  • Beast™ Band Wall Rack.
  • Individual Beast™ Bands
    • XX-Light, 5-35 lb, 1/2”W
    • X-Light, 10-50 lb, 13/16”W
    • Light, 25-80 lb, 1-1/8”W
    • Medium, 50-120 lb, 1-3/4”W
    • Heavy, 60-150 lb, 2-1/2”W
    • X-Heavy, 70-175 lb, 3-1/4”W
    • XX-Heavy, 80-200 lb, 4”W
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