UltraFit™ Beast™ Bands

The ultimate exercise band tool to instantly add resistance or assistance!


Add resistance to lifting exercises (squats, deadlifts, shrugs) without increasing the weight. Use these resistance bands for assisted pull-ups and dips or to maximize stretching, speed training, and rehabilitation. All bands are 41"L x 3/16" thick and are available Individually or in convenient Packs with storage.


  • Anchor the bands to equipment to enhance benching, squats, and other power lifts.
  • Use the bands with existing equipment for assisted pull-ups and dips.
  • A closed loop design adds resistance for stretching, rehabilitation, and strength training.
  • This is the only closed loop, thick-resistance band we offer, and our most versatile resistance band.

UltraFit™ Beast™ Band Options

UltraFit™ Beast™ Bands are available in packs with storage or individually. Wall Rack also sold separately.

  • UltraFit™ Beast™ Bands Packs. Include 8 bands and a mesh storage bag.
    • Light (2 XX-Light, 4 X-Light, 2 Light)
    • Medium (2 X-Light, 4 Light, 2 Medium)
    • Heavy (2 Light, 4 Medium, 2 Heavy)
  • Beast™ Band Wall Rack Pack. Includes 25 bands (5 ea XX-Light, X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy) and an all-steel Beast™ Band Wall Rack.
  • Beast™ Band Wall Rack.
  • Individual Beast™ Bands
    • XX-Light, 5-35 lb, 1/2”W
    • X-Light, 10-50 lb, 13/16”W
    • Light, 25-80 lb, 1-1/8”W
    • Medium, 50-120 lb, 1-3/4”W
    • Heavy, 60-150 lb, 2-1/2”W
    • X-Heavy, 70-175 lb, 3-1/4”W
    • XX-Heavy, 80-200 lb, 4”W
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