Resistance Tubing Circuit Packs

Unleash the endless capabilities of resistance training with a self-directed, full-body fitness circuit!


Add resistance to your students’ generic workout! This circuit training pack splits training up into stations and introduces students to resistance bands to help them get the most out of the exercises they might already know. Self-paced learning and 3 different resistance tubing options make learning the fundamentals more comfortable and accommodating to students.

Teaches Resistance Training
Circuit training with resistance bands allows your students to experiment with a wide range of fundamental fitness activities, while building muscle and expanding range of motion. Adding resistance is a great way to get more out of routines that might already be familiar to kids. This pack capitalizes on the familiarity of basic fitness and introduces students to fitness bands, to maximize workouts one station at a time. 

Each station within the circuit is self-guided thanks to a station board, which provides a clear visualization of a resistance band activity for students to follow. As they complete each station and move onto the next, students will get a comprehensive workout that also teaches them how they can best leverage resistance bands with routine exercise. 

This pack comes in our most basic resistance tubing with plastic handles, foam covered for additional grip security and comfort, or ProTex™ tubing for our safest, most durable tubing option. Choosing the right option based on your class’ needs only serves to make teaching resistance training easier.


  • Contains all of the equipment you need to focus on a specific discipline of fitness.
  • Various sizes and weights accommodate multiple users in one class.
  • High quality equipment is designed to last through many classes and workouts, year after year in institutional settings.
  • Included training boards show and explain movements for each piece of equipment at the station. Teacher cards further explain the movements and show how to efficiently set up the class for best results.
  • Heavy duty 18” x 18” station boards provide easy-to-follow instructions, so students can master the moves at each station. Stations are self-directed and students can get to work at their own pace.
  • This pack was designed around the demands of PE classes and all included equipment is safe for gym floors.

Resistance Tubing Circuit Pack Options
Resistance Tubing Circuit Packs are available with 3 different tube options, with Sets of 8 station boards also available separately.

  • All Packs Include:
    • Light UltraFit™ Resistance Tubes (Choose type) , Set of 18
    • Medium UltraFit™ Resistance Tubes (Choose type), Set of 18
    • UltraFit™TubeMover™ Cart, 1 ea
    • Gopher Ignition™ Interval Timer, 1 ea
    • SmartHolder™ Cones, Set of 12
    • Double-sided Resistance Tubing Station Boards and Teacher Overview Cards, Set of 8
  • Tubing Packs Options
    • Plastic Handles
    • Foam-Covered Handles
    • ProTex™, Plastic Handles
  • Station Boards/Cards Only
Why incorporate resistance tube training into my fitness program?


Resistance Tubing Boards/Cards Only (Set of 8)

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  • Unit: Set
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