UltraFit™ Lateral Toner

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Our lateral resistance band effectively strengthens lower body for improved agility, quickness, and stamina.

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Durable latex tubing allows for multidirectional movement for thorough lower-body conditioning. Extra-padded 14”L cuffs have adjustable Velcro® closures. This resistance tube for legs easily integrate with aerobic, circuit, and strength-training units.


  • These bands work great for football, basketball, or any sport with required lateral movement. The user can perform lateral drills, with the added resistance from the loop further building on strength and explosiveness.
  • Other bands on the market feature a double loop, where the tube forms a circle and a seam connects the pieces. However, over time, this seam will stretch and break. The single-tube construction for this band does not have a seam and is set directly into the ankle cuff, not around it, providing greater durability.
  • Extra padded cuffs provide greater comfort during use.
  • A Velcro® closure offers a custom fit and accommodates a wide range of users.
  • Begin training with lighter tubes and progress to more resistance as your strength increases.
  • All tubing levels are made clear with a label and specific color for quick identification.
  • This is the best tubing we offer for lower body lateral movement.

UltraFit™ Lateral Toner Options

UltraFit™ Lateral Toners are available individually in 3 resistance levels.

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
Why incorporate resistance tube training into my fitness program?