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UltraFit Lateral Toner

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Our lateral resistance band effectively strengthens lower body for improved agility, quickness, and stamina.

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Durable latex tubing allows for multidirectional movement for lower-body conditioning, strength, and explosiveness! Extra-padded cuffs have adjustable Velcro® closures for increased comfort and user accommodation. This resistance tube for legs easily integrates with aerobic, circuit, and strength-training units, and works great for any sport requiring lateral movement.


  • Resistance bands are less intimidating than machines, yet still produce great results.
  • Seamless single-tube construction provides greater durability.
  • Padded cuffs provide greater comfort during use.
  • A Velcro® closure offers a custom fit and accommodates a wide range of users.
  • Easily progress in your strength training with 3 levels of resistance.
  • Each level of resistance is clearly identified with a label and specific color.
  • This is the best tubing we offer for lower body lateral movement.
Why incorporate resistance tube training into my fitness program?