Strength Training Anatomy Posters

See what makes this strength training anatomy poster series an essential part of any weight or exercise room!


Help students identify what muscles they’re training and how they’re improving them with these strength training anatomy posters. Clear physiological images identify the benefactors of different exercises to help students better understand the importance of strength training. Large, laminated posters are ideal for gyms, classrooms, and exercise areas.

Highly-Detailed Reference

Instead of telling them what muscle groups they’re working or simply teaching a lift without associating a benefit, these posters help provide a visual reference for a student’s efforts. Physiological illustrations show the lift and easily call attention to the muscle or muscle groups being worked. This creates an association that helps students better understand their lifting regimen and drive home the purpose of maintaining focus and form.

More than just identifying muscles, the illustrations on these posters also serve to show proper skeletal alignment and lifting execution. This helps students refine their form and prevents strains and accidents associated with unfavorable weightlifting tendencies.

Durable Poster Design

Quickly and easily mount these posters in your gym, classroom, or other exercise area for easy visibility and quick reference by students and instructors alike. The laminated coating allows them to be tacked, taped, or hung up without any damage to the poster itself. Posters also arrive rolled up to ensure there are no creases or folds across the pictures that might make them hard to discern. Posters measure 31”L x 24”W, making them easily visible at a distance or among larger groups of students.

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