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Detonate™ Force™ Sandbags

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Unparalleled durability and ease-of-use makes these sandbags a Force™ to be reckoned with!

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Sandbag weights offer a versatile, challenging workout solution that’s a welcomed departure from traditional weightlifting! These bags offer users incredible durability in the face of institutional, rugged abuse, and are designed to offer peace of mind alongside an exhausting workout. Convenient packs and individually weighted sandbags make it easy to outfit your class appropriately!

Incredible Durability

Where other bags might tear or leak due to weak bladders or subpar construction, these fitness sandbags will triumph. Made with seatbelt-grade, triple-stitched nylon straps, a pliable PVC cover, and lacking any sort of bladder that might degrade over time, they’re built for the rugged conditions of sandbag training in institutional settings.

These bags won’t absorb sweat or accumulate dust and debris, giving them a clean appearance for the long-term. The tough moisture-resistant cover is easy to wipe down with a wet cloth or disinfectant spray, keeping them looking new and stopping the spread of germs.

Numerous Workout Options

Featuring more handles than any other exercise sandbags, there’s no limit to the number of different ways your students will train. Different grips also allow for different lifts and movements, which means cycling through a range of exercises to work the entire body is a breeze. Students will be able to get a full-body workout from just a single sandbag!

Because these bags come in a myriad of weights, it’s easy for PE programs to outfit each class with a range of options that are right for them. A greater weight selection results in the ability to improve training over time.

Benefits of Sandbags

  • Add variety to weight training and gives students a break from standard weight lifting to keep the mind and body challenged. Introduce weightlifting concepts to newer students with a less intimidating piece of equipment as compared to a metal barbell.
  • Provides a nonconventional method for building muscle, boosting overall strength, and increasing activity levels. The secret to sandbag training lies in the slight shift of the load within the sandbag and the odd shape users need to control during lifts and workouts. Use heavier weights and fewer reps to build strength, or lighter weight with continuous movement for more of a cardio workout.
  • Bags come pre-filled and ready to use right out of the box! There’s no need to mess around with filling, which can lead to leaking or improperly filled bags.
  • Available individually or in packs with storage and instruction. Individual bags range from 10 lb for those newer to sandbags, and top out at 60 lb for more advanced athletes. Packs are available in either light or heavy sets, to accommodate larger group training sessions

Detonate™ Force™ Sandbag Options

Detonate™ Force™ Sandbags are available in Packs with storage and charts or Individually in 8 weights.


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