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Vigor Sandbags

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Train in comfort without losing durability!

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Cushioned sandbags feature a synthetic cover with a foam backing and reinforced stitching that is made to last through endless flips and hits, yet it is soft for more comfort during use.These beginner sandbags include 6 nylon handles to accommodate a variety of movements. They are also gentle to the touch when pressed against skin and clothing. Weight is identified by color and embroidered weight marker. Vigor Sandbags are available in a set or individually in 6 sizes. Complete Set. Includes 12 sandbags (2 ea 10-35 lb), and UltraFit Rack, and 3 UltraFit Sandbag Training Charts. Individual Sandbags 10 lb, Red 15 lb, Orange 20 lb, Yellow 25 lb, Green 30 lb, Blue 35 lb, Purple


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