Agility Matrix™ Training Maze

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The most versatile agility  ladder training maze system allows up to 32 students to train at once!

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Multiple patterns, routes, and footwork (runs, skips, jumps/hops, and shuffles) enhance body control, coordination, and agility! The maze contains 8 lanes on the vertical and the horizontal axis to keep an entire class of students moving. 

Get the Whole Class

Involved Accommodating up to 32 students at once, this 8-lane ladder maze makes it easy to get everyone involved in agility training! Configure the ladders in numerous ways. Organize individual, partner, and team activities quickly, allowing the potential for competition or cooperative skill building. Configure multiple drills throughout the maze to keep everyone busy -- you can even incorporate balls for exciting partner challenges along the way!

Numerous Drill Possibilities

With the possibility to customize the maze, teachers can quickly organize an infinite number of agility drills. Set up the maze for speed, technique, or challenge students by mixing in linear and lateral movements. Watch students build critical skills that will translate directly over to other PE activities and team sports. Complete customization helps you mix things up and keep the course fast, fun, and exciting! With their round rung design, these ladders also emphasize clean footwork and proper technique, paving the way for mastery of more advanced skills in the future.

Intuitive Design

Each side of the ladder includes Velcro® patches to secure a desired configuration for whatever activity you’re setting up.

Vibrant Screamin’® Orange colored rungs make it easy to see and anticipate the spacing between rungs.

Heavy-duty PVC rungs and nylon webbing also provide superior durability. Included ground anchor stakes make it great for outdoor use.

Lightweight, this ladder is able to be quickly transported and set up for quick play. Includes a durable nylon storage bag and instructions with configuration and drill instruction. System measures 48'L in a straight line, or 12' x 12' as a square.

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