Detonate™ Dual Overspeed Trainer

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Maximize stride length and frequency in experienced athletes using dual man overspeed assistance!

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Push Your Training

Literally give 110 percent during your next workout with Detonate Dual Overspeed Trainers, which allow athletes to quicken their pace by as much as 8-13 percent! An athlete's maximum speed is determined by their ability to push their muscles into action. With overspeed training, the athlete is propelled forward by a stretched bungee, allowing him/her to run faster than otherwise possible. This allows the athlete to form faster muscle memory and enjoy more explosive sprints when unassisted.

How it Works

Working in partners, athletes wear a heavy-duty nylon belt and are connected by a 20'L sheathed latex resistance tube (max stretch is 60'L). The front athlete runs forward until there is tension on the tube, pulling the rear athlete. The rear athlete starts to sprint, eventually passing the front athlete as the force of the tubing propels him/her forward. Both belts feature swiveling D-Ring attachments for nearly 360 degrees of motion, and the resistance tube has a carabiner on each end for quick and easy setup. After training, conveniently store all equipment in the included storage bag.

Safe, Durable Construction

Tough nylon belts are extra wide to disperse tension on athlete's waists for enhanced comfort. Designed for users over 140 lb, the belts quickly and easily adjust to accommodate users. The durable latex resistance tube features the Detonate™ ballistic-strength sheathing for protection from damage and overextension. All parts are lightweight and portable. Use indoors or out.