G1™ Slideboards

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Sliding boards offer unique balance, strength, and speed workouts.

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Develop core muscles, increase leg strength, and teach quickness with these heavy-duty slideboards.

Develop Strength for Safety

Ligament and muscle injuries are common in students and athletes without the proper range of motion, muscle endurance, or reactive agility. G1™ Slideboards offer a way to train the body in all of these critical aspects, helping students and athletes become more resistant to injury and ready to play, no matter the sport.

Use for numerous lateral activities to work hips, knees, and ankles, building strength and improving range of motion of critical muscles and ligaments.

Adjustable Design

Both 10’L and 8’L models feature adjustable end stops, giving users to the ability customize the boards based on user preference and activity requirements. For example, the greater the distance an athlete has to cover, the more push he/she must exert. Adjustability also allows students and athletes of all ages to participate at a level appropriate for them.

For the 10'L board, adjust between 3' and 10' in 1' increments. On the 8'L model, adjust between 4' and 8' in 1' increments.

Durable and Easy to Use

Constructed of incredibly durable Lexan® plastic, these boards will withstand heavy use. The polycarbonate property of the boards keeps scratches and scuffs to a minimum so the surface remains smooth even after years of use.

When finished, the entire board rolls up for easy transport and storage. Lightweight, each board comes with a convenient storage bag and a single pair of nylon booties that fit most users (up to Men's Size 11). Colors may vary. Made in the USA.

G1™ Slideboard Options

G1™ Slideboards are available in 2 sizes, and include a single pair of nylon booties (fits up to Men’s Size 11) and a storage bag. Booties also sold separately.

  • 10’L x 20”W Slide
  • 8’L x 20”W Slide
  • Booties (Large)
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