Rainbow® Agility Ladders

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Brightly-colored, flat rungs add fun, variety, and safety to any workout using this agility ladder for kids.

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Perform a complete range of activities that greatly improve balance, coordination, and muscle control. Vibrant Rainbow® rungs make it easy to introduce beginners to agility ladder training, then allow for increased complexity for budding athletes by specifying a particular movement at each rung ("At the green rung, switch directions!"). These durable ladders with polyethylene webbing and hard-plastic rungs will last for years!

Coordinated Skill Development

Featuring 12 equidistant rungs placed 15” apart for optimal strides, these agility ladders welcome a number of activities designed to enhance coordination, build muscle endurance, and increase foot speed. Students are encouraged to jump right in with activities such as the linear run, lateral run, mogul jump, and twist jump, to increase agility and keep heart rates high. Stepping, twisting, timing, and being cognizant of drill movements gives kids the focus they need to master these ladders. Need additional guidance? Our included instructions detail four popular ladder drills. Read aloud each step or create multiple stations and have students follow the instructions themselves.

Easy Progression

The wide ranging exercise possibilities with these ladders makes them a great fit for all age groups. Younger students can practice proper stepping and movement through the rungs, while more advanced athletes can quicken the pace and add lateral routines for increased difficulty. The colored rungs provide great directional cues and allow teachers to call out instructions mid-drill, to keep kids on their toes! With the ability to add additional ladders via buckles on each end, the potential for increased muscle endurance rises and routine lengths can be easily scaled for variety and a new challenge.

Durable and Portable

Flat-rung design prevents tripping and makes them easier to jump over, especially for beginners. Unlike other ladders that loop webbing through rungs, these feature metal rivets that anchor the strong nylon webbing to ensure rungs won't move or come off. Black polypropylene webbing hides dirt, won't tear, and is flexible.

Incredibly lightweight and compact design lets the entire ladder fold up neatly in seconds for effortless transport. Complete with a convenient carry bag for quick storage and a ladder that can easily be transported for use virtually anywhere.

Rainbow® Agility Ladders Options

Rainbow® Agility Ladders are available in 2 sizes, complete with instructions and storage bag.

  • Single, 29'6" x 17"W
  • Double, 29'6"L x 33"W
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