Rainbow® Reaction Balls

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For every bouncing action, there's an equal and fun Reaction, reaction ball that is!

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These 6-sided balls enhance quickness, agility, and hand/eye coordination to help build and improve core skills. Fun, vibrant Rainbow® added to the excitement of these multidirectional bouncers.

Improve Core Skills

The simple design of these 2.5" dia balls paves the way for skill building opportunities of all capacities, from basic throwing and catching, to building on quickness, agility, hand/eye coordination, and reactivity.

Because there’s no telling what trajectory these balls will return at, throwers and bouncers must observe carefully and act quickly to scoop them up again. The unpredictable bounce pattern keeps students on their toes and encourages a number of skill developments that translate seamlessly to a range of sports and activities.

Designed for Fun

The rubberized nubs protruding from 6 faces of these balls makes bouncing unpredictable, yet fun for students to anticipate and react to.

A tacky surface also makes for an easier grip and catch, helping kids to better handle these balls, especially during quick-paced games and drills.

Organize the Class Brilliant

Rainbow® colors make class and group organization easy and effective. Pair kids off with specific colors as they practice, assign colors to students for individual skills testing, or get the whole class involved with group color designations! The vibrant colors also help with tracking and reading the ball, and make identifying stray balls simple for teachers during group activities.

Why incorporate agility training into my fitness program?