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Rainbow Stay-N-Step Agility Ladders

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Agility ladders for kids that grip the floor so you move — not the ladder!

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Tacky-bottom flat rungs don't skid or slide, even on a clean gymnasium floor, delivering safety and performance for your class. Constructed with tough, polyethylene webbing for long-lasting strength, these ladders hold up to constant drills and exercises.

Ideal Ladder Design

Rubberized rungs easily grip gym floors to stay perfectly in place during drills and prevent students from slipping when stepped on. Durable polyethylene webbing stands up to repeated abuse without faltering, making these ladders great for institutional settings with all ages. Lightweight and extremely portable, they quickly fold up to fit into a convenient carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.

Develop Foundational Skills

Use these ladders to create a healthy cardiovascular foundation for any sport or physical activity. Students run, jump, twist, and turn across the ladders, improving speed, coordination, and endurance as they move. Over time, these repeated skills create muscle memory that allows athletes to be faster and more explosive on the field.

Age Appropriate and Versatile

Two size options accommodate the whole class and allow for a steady progression of difficulty. Buckles at the ends of each ladder allow teachers to connect several ladders for stamina and endurance training.

Why incorporate agility training into my fitness program?


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