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Rainbow® Stay-N-Step™ Agility Ladders

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Agility ladders for kids that grip the floor so you move — not the ladder!

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Tacky-bottom flat rungs don't skid or slide, even on a clean gymnasium floor, delivering the utmost safety and performance in an agility ladder. Constructed with tough, polyethylene webbing for long-lasting strength, these ladders hold up to constant drills and exercises.

Ideal Ladder Design

Thanks to the tacky bottoms of the ladder's rungs, setting up comprehensive exercises and keeping the rotation of students moving is easier than ever! Rubberized rungs easily grip gym floors to stay perfectly in place during drills and prevent students from slipping when stepped on. Durable polyethylene webbing stands up to repeated abuse without faltering, making these ladders great for institutional settings with all ages.

Lightweight and extremely portable, they quickly fold up to fit into a convenient carrying bag, allowing them to be transported and stored with ease. Simple throw it over your shoulder to take it from school to school or to away sporting events.

Develop Foundational Skills

Agility training emphasizes coordination, improves speed, and advocates endurance, all of which help younger kids and developing athletes create a foundation for healthy cardiovascular activity. Numerous drills and exercises can be performed with these ladders to teach running, jumping, twisting, and turning. Over time, these repeated skills create muscle memory that’s instantly translated to sports of all types and create faster, more coordinated individuals.

Age Appropriate and Versatile

The inherent simplicity of these ladders makes it possible to scale the difficulty of activities for students of all ages. Beginners can practice simple, coordinated runs through the ladder, while advanced students can add pivots and lateral movements to hone the basics. Two size options accommodate a greater group of students and make it easy to slowly ramp up drills. Connectable buckles at the end of each ladder give teachers the opportunity to string together several ladders for longer skill building exercises. Choose from a traditional 17"W single ladder, or a 23"W large-motion, extra-wide single ladder that allows for more dynamic drills and increased stride reach.

Rainbow® Stay-N-Step™ Agility Ladders Options

Agility Ladders Options Rainbow® Stay-N-Step™ Agility Ladders are available in 2 sizes with a storage bag.

  • Single, 29’6”L x 17”W
  • Extra-Wide Single, 29’6”L x 23”W
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