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VariSafe Indoor Weight Sled
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ExpLoad Drag Sled
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Yukon 2.0 Speed Push/Pull Sled
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SnapBack Hurdles

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Slide Board Pro

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Purchase speed training equipment from Gopher Sport and increase athletic power!

Boost agility, control, and quickness in students and athletes using an assortment of speed workout equipment. Gopher’s high-quality options are ideal for beginners to competitive athletes.

PVC hurdles stand up to daily institutional use, while bright colors reinforce tracking techniques. Spend less time resetting downed hurdles and more time instructing students with self-righting options. Gopher carries a variety of options that rebound or spring back to their original shape when stepped on or kicked.

Parachute attached to belts also offer athletes a unique way to increase speed. These parachutes allow wind to naturally add resistance. Coaches and PE trainers can also encourage teamwork using tandem overspeed trainers. Students and athletes can continue to build speed, strength, and stamina with an assortment of sleds.

Shop for speed training equipment with Gopher!