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UltraFit™ Pro Stability Balls

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Our strongest and safest stability balls!

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Burst-resistant to 1,000 lb, but supportive of static loads up to 2,200 lb, these exercise balls will stand up to just about any activity or exercise, no matter the weight! Premium materials and a durable design allow air to escape slowly rather than burst, even if the outer skin is punctured. Use these exercise balls to add depth and dimension to any balance or stability exercise.

Burst-Resistant Design

Burst-resistant to 1,000 lb, but supportive of static loads up to 2,200 lb, a roto-molded, seamless shell eliminates weak points and minimizes bursting potential, even when under heavy duress. In the extremely rare event a fitness ball is punctured, the innovative design will minimize ripping and control deflation speeds, enabling students to safely unbrace themselves to avoid injury. This supreme focus on burst-resistance makes UltraFit™ Pro Stability Balls ideal for dynamic exercises and stretching, and is safe to use with added weights for a maximum workout experience. A tacky-grip helps to prevent slipping and improves overall control to minimize incidents that could result in harm to both students and the ball.

Improve Exercise Potential

Fitness balls quickly help students develop a keen sense of balance, coordination, and stability, to improve form and increase the effectiveness of various stretches, movement exercises, and weight lifting motions. Stability balls stimulate proprioception—the brain’s rapid communication with joints—to keep the body continuously focused on adjusting, which serves to dramatically strengthen core muscles.

When used on a flat, indoor surface, balance balls also make it easy to transition between stretches and poses: ideal for low-impact movement exercises. From yoga to physical rehabilitation, weight training to range of motion exercises, exercise balls are a pivotal addition where movement is concerned.

Options for Everyone

Four sizes (45cam, 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm) make it easy to scale exercise difficulty or accommodate students of varying heights, from 5’0” all the way up to 6’7”, across a wide range of activities. Color designation also makes grabbing the right ball by sight simple, preventing confusion and, ultimately, poor form from using balls that are too big or small.

Use as a classroom or desk chair to keep students from fidgeting and help them engage their core all day long, to maximize posture at all times.

Includes measuring tape, plug, plug puller, and inflation instructions.

For best results, inflate UltraFit™ Pro Stability Balls in stages according to included inflation instructions.

UltraFit™ Pro Stability Ball Options

UltraFit™ Pro Stability Balls are available Individually in Classic Colors or Club Colors, or in 12-Ball Packs with storage and instruction.

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