UltraFit™ Stability Balls

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Institutional-quality balance balls are great for body-weight and introductory activities!

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Build core, lower-body, and upper-body muscle strength using a range of stability ball exercises, while also increasing balance and coordination. The roto-molded construction allows students to focus on training abs, back, hips, and more with low-impact activities, without fear of slipping thanks to the tacky surface. European design ensures support up to 220 lb, with a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate a range of student heights.

Superior Construction

A roto-molded, seamless material makes inflation and deflation safe and simple, with new balls ready for use in just 24-hours after their first inflation. Once inflated, the durable construction prevents warping or popping and minimizes sagging and dimples that may form in other balls over time. This thicker material lends sustainability to an already affordable and economic option.

Supportive of up to 220 lb, with a tacky, no-slip, easily handled surface texture, this student-friendly design directly correlates with safety. Balls won't slip or slide on hard gym floors, ensuring smooth movement and added stability during all exercises.

Full-Body Training

From balance and stability training to physical therapy and low-impact bodyweight exercises, balance balls add an element of continually shifting instability that pushes the body to perform at a higher level. Taking movements usually done on flat surfaces and adding a stability ball increases the challenge and the benefits, allowing users to dramatically increase exercise efficiency.

Great Versatility

Different colors make it simple for students to identify the correct ball size for their height or exercise focus. With heights from 5’0” to 6’7” supported across each Swiss ball variation, it’s easy to deliver a tailored training experience to any child, to teach proper form and engage differently sized bodies appropriately.

Use balls in the classroom in place of chairs to keep fidgeting to a minimum and provide an all-day workout that's sure to improve posture. Students will quickly hone balance and weight distribution skills in this way.

Includes measuring tape, plug, plug puller, and inflation instructions.

For best results, inflate UltraFit™ Stability Balls in stages according to included inflation instructions.

UltraFit™ Stability Ball Options

UltraFit™ Stability Balls are available in Individually or in 12-Ball Packs with storage and instruction.

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