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The original full-size club Step® is a perfect addition to any aerobic fitness program.

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A classic addition to any fitness room, this durable polyethylene step is adjustable from 4”H to 6”H and 8”H. The platform features shock-absorbing, nonslip ribbed rubber on the surface and nonskid rubber feet for stability and floor protection. It can also be used as a muscle-sculpting bench.

Excellent Versatility

Multiple heights are available in a single box, if so desired. Each step is 4” in height and comes with 2”H risers that can be added as you continue to develop more strength and coordination in your step exercises. This eliminates the need to order more steps or risers at a later time.

As users progress, it is also possible to make the exercises more challenging with some simple modifications beyond just increasing the height. Users can incorporate more arm movements into the routine (arm raises or adding dumbbells for resistance). Increase the tempo of moves for greater cardiovascular exercise too!

Stable and Durable

The Step® is the original full-size step and perfect addition to any aerobic fitness program or unit. As the longest step we carry, it provides a large surface so it accommodates a wide range of basic to advanced step routines.
High-density polyethylene is light but durable and resistant to wear and tear. This ensures each step lasts for years and through rough use and abuse. A nonslip rubber surface keeps the user stable when stepping. Each step is 43”L x 16”W x 4”H. Supports up to 250 lb.

Sets are available to easily accommodate large classes or groups. A set of 5 platforms and 20 risers is perfect for smaller groups and offers plenty of height options. Sets of 10 platforms and 40 risers offer even more variety, as multiple risers can be stacked under 1 platform if not in use by other members, further increasing the intensity and challenge of the workout.

The Step® Options

The Step® is available in silver and black or teal and purple in a variety of packs.

  • Colors
    • Teal/Purple
    • Silver/Black
  • Platform/Risers
    • 1 Platform, 4 Risers
    • 5 Platforms, 20 Risers
    • 10 Platforms, 40 Risers
    • Pair of Risers Only
    • Platform Only
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