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UltraFit™ STEPerfect® Fitness Steps

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The perfect step design for the perfect step every time!

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You won’t trip or take a wrong step again with the STEPerfect® Fitness Step! An arch design with a full, nonslip top surface allows students to step anywhere for amazing workout versatility without tripping or slipping.

Safe and Durable Design

Rounded arch design prevents injury and a misstep, so users can get an effective workout without interruption! Say goodbye to twisted ankles, sprains, and other common step injuries. Additionally, the angled sides create a more balanced and effective workout.

Never worry about this step cracking or breaking! A cross-hatched bottom design provides extra durability to the step by reinforcing the unit with intersecting lines of polyethylene. A textured rubber top is co-molded onto the step, providing better grip and a secure foot placement for students. Other boxes often have rubber tops that are glued on, which is not nearly as safe or durable, or no rubber top at all, which is not as safe for users.

The base of the step is fully lined, providing 360 degrees of stability and security. As a result, the step won’t slide and stays in place regardless of where the user steps and applies pressure.

Perfect for Classes

Step aerobics sessions usually consist of sets of choreographed movements performed on a raised platform. These movements are usually accompanied by music and are designed to target the lower body (with simple step-ups), upper body (by using the arms during step-ups), and cardiovascular system (most routines are at least a half hour in duration).

Rainbow® Sets make these steps particularly appropriate for step aerobics or physical education classes, as they provide for outstanding organization. Easily set up different stations by having different movements assigned to each color.

A 24-pack option allows for quick and simple set up for an entire group or class. Included in this option is a Magnus™ STEPerfect® Cart, which makes moving a large number of steps easy and convenient, thanks to its 3” dia swivel casters for smooth transportation. Finally, a convenient nesting design makes these steps easy to store. They stack neatly and compactly for smaller storage space needs, compared to other steps that sit directly on top of each other.

UltraFit™ STEPerfect® Fitness Step Options

UltraFit™ STEPerfect® Fitness Steps are available Individually, in a Set, or in a Pack with storage. Cart is also sold separately.

  • Individual Step. Blue only. 32"L x 22"W x 6"H; 7 lb.
  • Rainbow® Set. 6 Steps (1 in each color).
  • Rainbow® Pack. Includes 24 steps (4 in each color) and a storage cart.
  • Cart only. 40"L x 25"W x 42"H, 26 lb.
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