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Fitness steps, or aerobic steps, are one of simplest and safest pieces of fitness equipment you can own.  Simple because anyone can begin using one immediately with no training, and there are no moving parts (other than you!).  Safe because when used properly, steps elevate user’s heart rate without the joint impact that comes from other cardiovascular workouts like running.

Steps are also an incredibly versatile piece of workout equipment.  They are great for use by kids in physical education class, by adults and seniors in group exercise settings, for rehabilitation, for strength training (for example, use them for incline push ups or as a low bench), or to introduce beginning plyometric movements.  The movements used in common step aerobics classes not only get user’s heart rates up, they also require balance, coordination and lots of cross-body movements.  

Aerobic steps are also affordable and space efficient.  When finished exercising, each user simply picks up their lightweight step and stacks it in a corner or puts it on a step cart to be rolled away for storage.

At Gopher, you’ll find high quality adult steps and kid fitness steps which are differentiated based on height and step surface area.  All the steps here have a textured stepping surface and no skid feet.  Our aerobic steps are also available in different colors, and each step type has an available convenient cart for step storage.

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