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IronRange Mesabi Elite Olympic Bars
IronRange Hybrid Bars
IronRange Mesabi Cerakote Olympic Bars
IronRange Power Bars
IronRange Training Bars
Hex Jr Bar
HexCel Bar
Detonate HEXtreme Bar
Buffalo Barbell
Cambered "Safety Squat" Bar
Curl Bars

Curl Bars

Detonate VariBar Multi Grip Bar
Fixed Barbells

Fixed Barbells

Rubber-Coated Fixed Barbells
Lock-Jaw Collars
Muscle Clamp Collars
QuickGrip Spring Collars
Detonate LocDown Collars
IronRange Vertical Bar Racks
RackUp™ Bar Rack
Detonate BARricade Bar Racks
Men's Olympic Bar

Men's Olympic Bar

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Buy weightlifting bars and accessories from Gopher Sport to strengthen weight training during PE and sports practice!

Gopher’s weightlifting bars are the best on the market and exceed industry standards! Introduce lifting basics with a compact and lightweight training bar; then move on to more advanced power bars, hybrid bars, and Olympic bars.

Specialized weight bars let users safely train specific muscles with unique equipment. Curl bars are ideal for bicep curls, while a padded bar lets users learn how to safely perform squats. Get a firm grip when learning proper form with a hex bar or multi-grip bar.

Once you choose the best bar for your students’ or players’ needs, it’s important to get dependable bar collars. From traditional spring collars to locking nylon options, all are easy to use and safely secure plates on the bar. When weight training wraps up, use any of our specially-designed racks to store bars.

Shop for weightlifting bars at Gopher!