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Chain Gain System


Maximize each lift with an innovative system that eliminates any damage to your bar!

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Add chains to your bar to fully engage your muscles at the top of your lift! Chains provide a smooth progression to higher resistance as each link is lifted off of the ground. This increases explosiveness—and results!

High-Quality Design

The Chain Gain system allows you to experience these gains without damaging your bar with metal collars that screw directly into the bar. Our high-quality rubber collar protects your equipment from damage so lifting chains can be used with ease. This keeps your equipment in good shape and allows for quick setup and teardown.

Heavy-duty nylon straps are threaded through the rubber collars. Double stitched straps are ready to handle any load. One 4’L 3/8” chain (5 lb) hangs from a D-ring attached to each strap. Add more, heavier chains to adjust the difficulty level for each user or activity. Each chain collar has a capacity of 400 lb. A pair of 5'L, 5/8" chains (20 lb Ea) sold separately.