Chain Gain™ System

Maximize each lift with an innovative system that eliminates any damage to your bar!


No more screwing into the bar to keep chains in place! Our high-quality rubber collar quickly slides on and off your bar, protecting both the bar and collar from damage so lifting chains can be used with ease. 

Add Effective Resistance

Using chains to add more resistance to lifts provides a smooth, easy progression for a more challenge workout. For example, in a squat the user starts standing up with chains hanging from the bar with full resistance. As the user squats and hits the bottom, the chains pool and the resistance is lightened. As the user stands up out of the squat, the chains steadily add resistance, with the most weight being added at the top of the lift. This increases explosiveness, an important element of weight training.

High-Quality Design

Unlike traditional chain systems that require screwing or tightening a bolt into your bar, this system features a high-quality rubber collar that quickly slides on and off. It requires no damage to the bar (that eventually weakens it) and allows for quick on/off.

Outside of the ring, a D-ring is attached to a heavy-duty nylon strap that is then threaded through the rubber collar. The double stitching on the strap is ready to handle any load. One 4’L 3/8” chain (5 lb) extends past the nylon strap and allows for additional chains to be added for an even bigger challenge. Each chain has a capacity of 400 lb.

Chain Gain™ System Options

Chain Gain™ System is available with 2 collars and 2 chain attachments. Additional Chains sold separately.

  • System
  • Pair of Chains 5’L, 5/8” chains (20 lb ea)
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