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Detonate BARricade Bar Racks

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Save floor space with easy-access wall-mounted weightlifting bar racks!

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Maximize the floor space in your gym with these durable 10-bar wall racks! Horizontal storage means students won't have to wrestle bars into corresponding holes found in upright storage.

Safe Storage

The safest way to store barbells is by using a barbell gun rack, which prevents the user from teetering the barbell vertically. This also prevents the bars from slamming into the bottom of vertical storage, potentially causing bearings and bushings to break.


  • A lockable version is available to keep bars from unwanted or unsupervised use.
  • A durable steel design features a powder-coated finish for a long-lasting, professional appearance.
  • The poly sleeve lines the park of the rack that the bar rests on, protecting the bar from metal-on-metal contact.
Anchoring and mounting hardware included. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a licensed contractor for any unit that requires installation to the wall or floors.