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IronRange™ Hybrid Bars

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Versatile weightlifting bars can be used for Olympic and power lifts!

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Constructed from the same superior American steel as our other IronRange™ bars, these multipurpose bars have medium whip, suitable for dynamic Olympic lifts and the more static, heavy loads of powerlifting. These Olympic lifting bars are available in men’s and women’s sizes with 3 finishes and can be used with all styles of weightlifting.


  • These bars are made with a high tensile strength (190k PSI for men’s, 165k PSI for women’s). Anything under 150k PSI is considered a weaker steel that could develop permanent bends over time.
  • Bronze bushings provide a smooth spin on the bar, which is ideal for Olympic lifts such as the clean and jerk and the snatch.
  • The knurling on the bar (the machined texture) is a balance between aggressive and light, which is what makes this a “hybrid” bar. The knurling is meant to accommodate a wide range of users and lifts. It runs all the way to the sleeves, which is not common in other brands of barbells, which tend to cut corners. This means users with longer arms will be able to achieve a better hand placement.
  • Two knurl marks are located on each side of the bar, helping users to establish consistent hand placement.
  • The lack of center knurl prevents the user from feeling an abrasive texture during lifts in which the front rack is established, such as when the bar sits on the shoulders during the squat.
  • Men’s: 20 kg (45 lb), 190k PSI, 28.5 mm
  • Women’s: 15 kg (35 lb), 165k PSI, 25 mm

IronRange™ Hybrid Bar Options

IronRange™ Hybrid Bars are available in Men’s or Women’s in 3 finishes.

  • Type
  • Men’s, 20 kg (45 lb)
  • Women’s, 15 kg (35 lb)
  • Finish
  • All Bright Zinc
  • Bright Zinc Sleeves/Black Zinc Bar
  • BlackOut™ All-Black Zinc


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